WHITE CEMENT Technical specifications

Cement constituents

White cement colour is affected by the amount of the components with colouring effect. White colour is caused by lower amount of chromium, manganese and iron in clinker. This makes the cement super white with minimum whiteness of 85 % according to TS 21 Standard. Final light colour of concrete also depends on the usage of coloured materials at all stages.

High strength

White cement CEM I 52,5 R with strength class of 52,5 is usually made to maintain high early strength rate which helps to avoid the strength-diminishing effects of pigment addition. High early strength rate also helps to make pre-cast concrete components, where the white cement has a significant role.

Heat island effect

Due to its super white color, white cement reflects more sun energy and prevents the heat island effects in urban areas. It also reduces the amount of artificial lighting and increases safety at night by reducing shadows on roads, parking places and walkways.