CEM I 52,5 R
White Portland cement CEM I 52,5 R is made using the high end technology of colouring materials reduction which results in in super white colour and strength. Quality of white cement is similar to gray Portland cement, except its colour. This standardized material fulfills allĀ  quality requirements in conformity with European Union norm EN 179-1.

Therefore it has become a popular building material in architectural engineering due to expressive and decorative look, high durability and wide range of uses. In addition, it prolongs the lifespan of constructions and white cement products.

Due to its characteristics this cement is perfect choice for mortars, grounding materials, industrial floors, and precast components like floor and wall tiles, steps, balconies or swimming pools.

Moreover it is also suitable for prefabricated exterior panels, for instance concerts hall or public housing constructions, work of art as sculptures, restoration of archaeological buildings, landscape design works and others. With white cement there are nearly unlimited possibilities of usage.

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