ECOCEMENT’s CEM III/A 42,5 N is a progressive building material due to its environmental sensitivity, excellent properties and wide range of uses.

Cement is a hydraulic binding material used world wide as an important component for concrete, which hardens when mixed with water. It stands out for durability, resistance and stability. Production process of cement consists of heating of natural limestone and clay and subsequent grinding.  Hence it belongs to the cheapest and easily usable building material.

Our products connect special features and advantages in comparison with normal CEM I cement:

  • Higher strength at a later stage is an outcome of a more gradual rate of early stage strength development. By using less of our CEM III/A 42,5 N product you can get the same strength as with normal CEM I cement, thus reducing the costs
  • More durable because of improved ability to resist all main threats to the extended service life of constructions
  • Less prone to thermal cracking achieved by gradual hydration of ground granulated blastfurnace slag in CEM III/A 42,5 N cement that generates less heat and significantly minimizes risk of thermal cracking of concrete and thus it is the most preferable material in hot weather conditions.
  • More impermeable and resistant to attack of chloride and aggressive chemicals that is achieved by formation of additional pozzolanic gel in concrete which closes the pores and increases the shapeliness of the concrete and protects steel bars set against corrosion
  • More resistant to sulfate attack and the reason is that it contains less alumina, Ca(OH)2 and C3A,  and has less water demand, the result of which is less penetration of sulfate ions
  • Minimizes risk of alkali silica reaction in concrete by reducing pore size, mobility of alkali and the total alkalies in the system
  • Better workability and easier usage

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