Case Studies

The Rion–Antirion Bridge

The Rion–Antirion Bridge, with 2,252 m fully suspended deck, is the longest stayed girder bridge in the world and has become a sign of Greece’s 21st Century. It links the Peloponnesian peninsula with central Greece through two cities, Rion and Antirion.

The structure of this unique bridge is 220 meters high from sea bottom to the pylon head and its piers are lying in around 60 meters of water.

The bridge construction has overcome more challenges. First, it had to span approximately 2500 m distance, than water depth up to 65 m, strong seismic activity, possible tectonic movements and weak foundation soil of seabed.

For the bridge construction, all the technical complexity had to be considered. Therefore concrete with an extremely high resistance against chloride penetration was applied, what gives a very high safety level against steel corrosion. Blastfurnace cement fulfilled the requirement for an extremely durable structure and the final result is excellent, because the Rion–Antirion Bridge was built to withstand a collision of a 180.000 tons tanker, wind speed of 250 km per hour and more than 7 Richter scale earthquake.

The bridge construction gained Award for Outstanding Concrete Structures 2006, of the International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib). This certifies exceptionality of this project, innovative construction features considering to the extraordinary technical complexities.

Protection Strategy applied on the Rion-Antirion Bridge Project