Green Building Expo

ECOCEMENT SA has a clear vision to provide extraordinary services and products to our customers and to contribute to the green future with reference to our environment.

ECOCEMENT's CEM III/A  42, 5 N is a cement containing very low level of carbon oxide emissions and provides better durability, improved strength and lower unit costs, which connect economic and environmental advantages.  Super White cement CEM I 52, 5 R is produced using minimum colouring material for attractive and aesthetic constructions, with high technology and high strength to satisfy the most demanding needs.

Environmental sensitivity comes from utilizing recycled industrial by-product, which mostly replaces 30-70 % of basic cement weight and therefore saves natural resources. This causes limitation of carbon oxide emissions and other toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Lighter colour of CEM III/A 42, 5 N and the colour of Super White cement CEM I 52, 5 R also helps to maintain high solar reflectance, limits the high island effect in urban areas and reduces global warming.